Working in engineering

Innovation is our lifeblood, and our engineers challenge themselves daily to find innovative solutions in safety and productivity.

Join our engineering team and your role could involve consulting on construction sites, building our software or developing products in one of our R&D innovation centres. You might specialize in mechanics, optics, chemicals or metals…firestop, anchors, corrosion or seismics. Whatever your field, you’ll play an important part in some really exciting projects at the forefront of technology.

You’ll have a strong engineering background, but we’re especially interested in your passion to learn and your ability to combine complex design concepts with down-to-earth people skills.

After all, our products are designed for our customers, so personal engagement is crucial for us. 

It’s as much about people as it is about technology

While joining our team calls for a technical mind-set, none of our engineering jobs is purely tech driven. Instead you’ll have a consultative role, where you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds – working in leading-edge innovation while building relationships with enthusiastic customers. 
Our engineers get involved from the early stage of a project, making the connection between a customer’s need and our product design, and then translating these things to marketing and sales.
Many construction projects present unexpected challenges, where off-the-shelf products aren’t up to the job. So our field engineers work with clients and contractors to find custom made solutions, and then our R&D and software engineers skilfully develop them. 
At Hilti, you’ll get a lot of responsibility from very early on and, with consistent results, you could be leading your own team before you know it. All the time, you’ll be working in a vibrant culture with a diverse range of talent – unique in their ways but who share the same ambition to build a better future.

“I love the fact that my job isn’t just technical. It involves planning and dealing with people too. The culture is brilliant. It’s challenging, yes, but it’s friendly and welcoming too. It’s all about teamwork, and your ideas are really taken on board.”

Andreas, Head of Corporate Research and Technology

Different ways to innovate

As a member of our engineering team, you’ll be exactly that – part of a team. Our engineering model relies entirely on teamwork, which is one of the things that makes the job so enjoyable and rewarding. 

Here’s more about the exciting role.

Field engineer

• This is a consultative role where you’ll work on construction sites with designers and architects, as well as structural engineers and company leaders.

• Engaging early in the design stage, you’ll forge these relationships by showing the value we can add when Hilti solutions are specified into the design - from the anchors or fastening systems to the tools and software that go with them.

• You’ll then help the designer bring things to life by translating designs to the construction and product teams, including contractors, marketing and sales.

• Yours is one of the most important roles at Hilti, as you’re the connection between design and sales, the transition from plan to reality. Along the way, you’ll address any design needs, building codes and potential problems.

• There’s no manual for the job, as any big construction project comes with its own unique hurdles. So you’ll be an agile thinker who relishes the prospect of finding bespoke solutions to unexpected complications.

• A background in civil, structural or mechanical engineering will be useful, as will experience in architectural design. But what we really want is your eagerness to learn and your ability to combine technical talk with people skills.

See our field engineering roles

Show us your passion to learn and we’ll nurture it

If we expect you to come up with award-winning innovations, it’s because we’ve given you the very best training in a world-class environment. We’ll offer you all the knowledge and support you need to excel in your role, with one-to-one coaching, opportunities to upskill and personal attention to the progression of your career.

We have a very thorough people review process, where we screen everyone in the company in a yearly career performance matching process. It’s how we find opportunities to develop our people with different responsibilities, cultures and market challenges. It means we can broaden your skill set, feed your ambition and open doors for your career.

Our high performers move into leadership roles very quickly at Hilti, and 80% of our management positions are filled with internal candidates. It’s testament to how much we value our people.